About Us

Edward Chang, Creator of Wellington & Cromwell

My first experience in the fashion retail world was working as an in-house corporate attorney at the world's largest athletic footwear company in Asia. I worked and lived in factory compounds in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia for four years where I learned how to make things and developed expertise in Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing.  

I used that experience to create Wellington & Cromwell, a lifestyle brand that incorporates sustainable manufacturing philosophy with the Lean production system to create beautiful heirloom quality goods at a fair price point. 

Wellington & Cromwell's innovative business model doesn't compromise on quality design, materials, and craftsmanship to compete on high volume margins but it isn't a ridiculously priced luxury brand. The plan is to disrupt the luxury goods industry with a direct to consumer business model that embraces sustainability, transparency, and fair pricing.

Artistic rendering of Edward Wellington, Legendary Adventurer and founding member of The Explorer's Club.

Wellington & Cromwell is committed to sustainable manufacturing and sourcing.  Our bags are proudly crafted in Shenzhen by experienced artisans using LEAN production techniques in a modern facility.  Not a sweatshop.

We source leather from an environmentally ethical tannery that is responsible with chemicals and wastewater.