About Wellington & Cromwell






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The vision of Wellington & Cromwell is to create the most beautiful, well-made, heirloom quality goods at an accessible price point for travelers, adventurers, and explorers. 

Through Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing, Wellington & Cromwell creates moral and economic dignity for workers by paying them a fair wage for expert craftsmanship, and for consumers by offering a product where the value is inherent in the ethical craftsmanship, not wasted in retail markups, celebrity endorsements, and high fashion marketing campaigns.

Our project's definition of quality considers three primary factors; design, materials, and craftsmanship.



Wellington & Cromwell bags are inspired by the classic vintage military duffel bag and motorcycle messenger dispatch bag because so much of men's style is inspired by military functionality, e.g. aviator sunglasses, navy peacoats, cargo pants, M-65 field jackets, B-3 bomber leather jackets, etc.  Wellington & Cromwell bags are stylish and rugged, suitable for the office or for adventure.


Wellington & Cromwell bags are crafted from the most suitable and authentic materials.  We use natural super heavy duty 24oz waxed cotton canvas and the two best grades of leather, natural full-grain and top-grain leather.  

We don't use genuine leather or bonded leather which is just scrap leather reconstituted into something resembling leather, like how meat slurry is made into chicken nuggets or "all beef" hamburger patties. We don't use nylon or other synthetic materials because they are inferior to natural materials except for certain specific applications, e.g. the corporate logo bags you get for free at job fairs.


Wellington & Cromwell is committed to Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing.  Our bags are crafted to the high standards equal to or above any other luxury product currently on the market, with the exception of truly artisanal brands like Hermes or Brunello Cucinelli.  The bags are crafted by experienced artisans working in a modern LEAN MANUFACTURING facility practicing daily KAIZEN and using the best tooling available.  Everything is double stitched, seams are reinforced, high quality treated brass hardware is used.